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Wavy Lines

Sales Acceleration

Boost your sales velocity with our unique, KPI-focused strategies. We enhance revenue, customer conversion,

pipeline development, team performance through tailored action plans , and direct and partnership-led sales expertise

Understanding Your Challenges

The Road to Growth: Uniquely Challenging

Regardless of the scale of your operations - a budding startup, an evolving mid-scale entity, or a robust enterprise, we appreciate the labyrinthine nature of the path to sustainable growth. Each has its own hurdles, its own battles.

Navigating Sales Barriers: Key to Success

Finding ideal prospects, articulating your unique value, nurturing potential customers, clinching the sale, and nurturing customer relationships - these steps make the sales journey far from simple.

The Path to Sales Success: A Complex Puzzle

These intricate aspects of sales success require more than just understanding. They demand strategic navigation, a task we are adept at.

We're Your Partner: Tackling Obstacles Together

In this complex landscape, you're not alone. We're here, equipped to help you surpass every obstacle. Trust us to illuminate your path to a successful sales journey.

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Our Value Proposition

Comprehensive Sales Advancement

Beyond traditional sales consultancy, Propel Edge champions a more comprehensive approach. Our value offering encapsulates a broad-spectrum sales enhancement service, underpinned by our 360-degree insight into your enterprise, shaping the path towards transformative growth.

Strategy Tailored to You

Our wealth of cross-functional, multi-sector experience fuels our ability to fashion bespoke strategies that match your exclusive needs. Recognizing the distinctiveness of every business, we refuse the one-size-fits-all mantra. Instead, we pivot to tailored action plans, addressing your specific challenges and opportunities.

Execution Driven Leadership

What differentiates us is not only our ability to design stellar strategies but also our unwavering commitment to their efficient execution. Propel Edge is led by a hands-on team with a global footprint, ensuring your business experiences an accelerated and scalable trajectory of growth.

Co-creation and Collaboration

At Propel Edge, we believe in co-designing strategies. Our engagement goes beyond mere implementation - we collaborate with you, fostering a ground-up approach that puts you at the center. Together, we can unlock the immense possibilities of scalability.

Crafting Success from Innovation

We have a flair for taking brilliant ideas and converting them into powerful strategies. Propel Edge is your partner in sculpting your pathway to success, capitalizing on your innovation, and leading you towards an empowered future.

Our Approach

We follow our result-driven EDGE framework, beginning with a deep-dive into your business , current state, target market etc. We devise a plan that combines your vision with our expertise to form an innovative, data-driven sales strategy.


We begin with a thorough understanding of your business, market, competition, and customers. This granular knowledge is instrumental in identifying your unique challenges and opportunities for growth.

DESIGN (Strategize)

 Based on our insights, we craft a personalized sales acceleration strategy, building on your strengths and addressing your pain points. From pricing models and sales funnels to targeting and positioning, we cover all critical areas.

GROW (Implement)

Once we've crafted your bespoke strategy, we help you implement it with precision , that deliver sales growth. We provide hands-on support to ensure your team is aligned and ready to execute the strategic plan with maximum efficiency.

EVOLVE (Optimize and Elevate)

We take a data-driven approach to optimization. Continuous monitoring and evaluation allow us to make necessary adjustments in real time, ensuring your sales strategy remains relevant, robust, and result-oriented.

Sales acceleration is not just about immediate results. We equip your team with the necessary skills , systems and knowledge for sustained success. Through strategy, processes, performance management systems , coaching and mentoring, we elevate your sales team's capabilities, making them future-ready.

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What We Do

Sales Analysis and Strategy Formulation

We study your business, sales data etc. to identify potential challenges, growth areas and optimize your sales funnel. Our team develops an effective Go-to-Market strategy tailored to your specific product or service and target market. We build strategies to increase new logo acquisition, and also customer retention and growth via customer success and account management practices

Build Scalable Systems and Processes

We engineer scalable systems to build efficient sales planning processes, automate your sales processes, build sales operations to drive Metrics / KPIs and data driven performance management and strategy , leading to improved efficiency , productivity, accountability and output, while allowing for growth and expansion.

Sales Team Optimization

Our people strategy includes defining optimal team structure, roles, and incentivization models that drive higher performance and motivation among your sales team.

Sales Enablement and Operations

One of the backbones to standardizing and improving overall results and productivity of the sales team is how well the sales team is frequently enabled and evaluated. We help build sales enablement processes, guidelines, content and frameworks to improve sales teams productivity and results, and bring standardization

Sales Technology Implementation

We assist in recommendations and implementation of sales technologies, such as CRM systems and automation tools, that increase productivity and deliver insightful analytics for strategic decision making.

Your Sales Success is Our Success

Your growth is our mission, and Your success, our satisfaction. When you partner with us, you're not just hiring a consultant, but gaining a team of experienced business leaders who will work tirelessly to help you achieve your true potential.

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