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Tubes and Balls

Innovative new age Enterprise ready marketing company wanted to increase top of the funnel enquirires

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An innvoative new age MarTech platform addressing the infulencer marketing segment, wanted to scale in the Indian market


The firm was working with some of the relveant partners but the traction was highly transactional missing a long term continuation strategy.


Step 1:

Conducted an As-Is current state analysis.


Step 2:

We worked on identifying the complete value chain universe. We revised the ICP and established the priority Channel partners. This encompassed Digital media agencies (Top 5 : Publicis. Madison, Interactive Avenues, Havas, Dentsu, their network agencies), boutique digital first agencies (Schbang and others), Consulting firms (Deloitte, Mckinsey), Facebook and World's largest Affilaite marketing firm CJ Affiliate.


Step 3:

Revised the Go-to-market strategy. Did a massive outreach program with drips, inbound campaign, cold calls and targeted marketing cover leading to establishing Partnership led Hierachical relationships across various verticals.


Step 4:

Devised JBPs with the individual partners with agreed joint revenue targets. Co-created and curated new sales & marketing strategy Developed Strategic Agency/Brand Partnerships. Worked on setting a long term relationship through strong Customer Success and Key Account Management practices to increase customer satisfaction, and further more wokred on strong cadence and governance. Regular meetings were setup with the working core teams between client firm and partner firms leading to healthy weekly pipeline. Governance cadence set with leaderships across both sides on a monthly/fortnightly basis with focus on jonint goals, white labeling and way forward.

Interior Designing

Whole ecosystem setup. Pipeline saw a repeatable bump and moved from 10-15 monthly enquiries to 70-80 monthly enquiries. From 40% revenue dependance on Partnerships moved to 65% revnenue from Partners. White labelling option opened with 2 partners. Annual JBPs signed with 12 agencies


Services used

- Strategic Alliances


- Scalable Systems


- Sales & Marketing


- Revenue Growth


- Market Expansion


Are You Ready To Scale Strategically ?

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