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Overcoming B2B Market Entry Barriers for a large safety equipment manufacturer
Go-to-market and distribution strategy for growth


A large safety equipment manufacturer ($1.5 Bn) was struggling to penetrate the substantial B2B consumption market hindering their growth ambitions

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Through a detailed current state and competition benchmarking analysis, following issues were identified.

• Lack of strategic GTM

• Sales were not targeted and lack of identification of key accounts

• Poor distributor spread. Lack of clear policy in the distribution structure

• Poor servicing leading to fall in repeat customers and dissatisfied customers.

• Weak marketing and brand proposition


Conducted an in-depth competitive analysis, redesigned the client's sales & distribution strategy, building strategic partnerships with distributors and resellers to bypass some of the complexities of the B2B market


• Distribution strategy:

Studied 5 key end customer streams for the client. This ranged from Auto, manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Projects (Civil) to Chemicals. Created heat maps and cluster maps basis the factory (usage hot spots of the products pan India). Basis the heat maps current distributor overlap was identified. A 2 year roadmap was developed for the white spaces to setup key distributors


• Sales strategy:

Organization had major usage in the real estate space. Key accounts and builders were identified across India. Relationships were created. Tender process identified. Bidding and tender analysis done and need gaps identified to make product clear the technical evaluation. Early stage project identification done and participation started at Contarcting phase


• Marketing strategy:

shifted the client's positioning from a generic safety equipment manufacturer to a 'trusted safety partner for businesses'

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75% YoY growth in revenue , 125% rise in B2B enquiries , Unlocked 5 critical end customer industries


Services used

- Market research and Analysis


- GTM - Distribution strategy


- Marketing Management


- Customer Success

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