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INR 3Cr to 16Cr turnover growth in 14 months , International market expansion
Market Expansion via Strategic Partnerships

Pampas Grass


Marketing Services Agency had developed a MarTech platform, wanted to scale in the Indian market & enter new markets in APAC, US. Wanted to onboard strategic investors


Identified the primary issues being seen.

This included lack of business continuity with signed up end customers owing to a missing Customer experience piece.

Also seen was lack of repeat customers from the identified partners. Partners would provide business requirements post which the relationship would go cold, leading to restarting conversation on pipeline enhancement from the start.


Established Product-market fit, revised ICP and Go-to-market strategy, New leadership hiring and onboarding, Designed & Executed new sales & marketing strategy, led onboarding of large global brands, Product Launch & Market-Fit, Developed Strategic Agency/Brand Partnerships, setup Customer Success and Key Account Management practices to increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn , increase growth,


• Strategic Alliances :

Built new partnerships with Google , Facebook to build & execute on a joint business plan to enter 3 new markets , land new clients, built a strong sales pipeline


• GCP unlock:

Identified and led the GCP initiative bringing down cost impact at ~40% wrt AWS by setting up Commits, migration and marketplace listing followed by a bigger GTM unlock for US and APAC market through co-ordinated FSR and sales outreach engagements


• P&L :

Expanded APAC market and activated new market entry in US


• Strategy & New Sales :

Annual business planning, JBPs across partners, 50% reduction in sales cycle length, 65% increase in average deal size, Growth in pipeline by introducing new play-books & marketing initiatives and revised pricing, forging new regional alliances , building high-performance teams, modularising offerings

• Agency Ecosystem unlock :

Worked along with the top Agency players (OMG, OMD, Phd, Madison, Hiveminds, DDB Mudra, Publicis) creating strong sustainable GTMs and Cadences leading to multiple accounts introductions and closures

Tree on Cliff

• INR 3Cr to 16Cr turnover growth in 14 months.


• 3 New Markets Entries in APAC, Entered US, South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines), Middle east (UAE) and UK market.


• Onboarded 2 new strategic investors


• JBP with media agencies, FB and Google.


• Cost savings of 40% with GCP along with market access to difficult geos


Services used

- Revenue Growth


- Market Expansion


- Product Market Fit


- Strategic Alliances


- Sales & Marketing


- Team Building


- Scalable Systems and Processes

Thick Forest

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